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Hertoghs bvba is your favorite partner for:

feasibility studies

Checking all aspects of the project. Can it be realised ? Which problems might occur ? Does the building site comply with all requirements regarding urban development ?

economic market studies

Research with regard to the economic feasibility of the project: building site, size of the building in function of the goods to be handled, turnover,...

design studies

In agreement with the principal, Herthogs bvba will draw up ground plans, sections, façades and the location of the various techniques.

cost estimations

Hertogs bvba will prepare a complete estimation for the project, including all possible aspects.

technical equipment

A complete study will be made of all technical requirements of the company.

execution files

In agreement with the principal, a compete description can be made. Herthogs bvba will describe all materials, from foundations to complete finishing.

environmental certificate application

When applying for a building permit, an environmental file must be added. Herthogs bvba disposes of all the specialists and experience to check whether the project complies with the legal framework  (VLAREM). In addition, the complete file will be taken care of, such as applying at the municipality, forwarding to Urban Development etc

co-ordination missions

Herthogs bvba can also take cae of:
- co-ordination of various projects
- checking of all materials used, planning and payments
- construction techniques


Checking whether all documents are available for the completion of the building.

For example, for the food industry all services will be rendered in accordance with the valid guidelines of the Council of the European Union and the prescriptions of the Institute for Veterinary Inspection.

premises description

Descriptions of the premises can be carried out for various industrial projects. A random picture of the various locations and corresponding materials will be made, including a description of the building’s outlook at the precise moment.

expert research

In case of irregularities during or after the building phase, and in case of judicial problems an expert such as Herthogs bvba can be called in. It will search for the cause of possible defects and draw up an expert report.

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